Now I will keep posting work on YouTube !!!

Hey guys !!! :raised_hand:
I’ve been going to this , but now I finally did it . :muscle:
This is my new channel on YouTube !!! :point_down:
Me my wife helped to make visualization !!! :raising_hand:
Now I will keep posting work on YouTube !!!
Waiting for your approvals !!! :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congratulations. Good luck.

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Great concept WildLion! Hope it works well for you :thumbsup:

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Look great. Hope this will work for you. For me it’s waste of time. Good luck mate.

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Great desing and I think youtube is the best way to promote our work. Congratulations!:slight_smile:

BTW can anybody help me how to get those analysers animations?. Is it everything done under Adobe After Effects or something like that? Is it any any kind of plugin needed for that?

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This work is made in Adobe Affter Effects , she’s painted Affter Effects ))):smiley:

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There are lot of pre-made templates available at Videohive

Just insert your music file and you are ready to go


Yes !!! thank you for helping ! haha I just found out that there are ready-made blanks !
But we wrote in AAE :slight_smile:

So cool i think i’m going to have a video working busy day :slight_smile:

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Just a little thing to think about. Promoting yout Music on YT is a good way to increase audibility. But use the Watermarked Version of your Song! Everybody is abeled to download your music.

What do you think? Am i paranoid?

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I have connected AdRev !!!
and will be able to monetize my music if who download it) I did this intentionally , because most ( almost all ) the youtubers )

I love your polygon logo!!

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Thank You !!!:slight_smile:

Thanks All Guys !!!
@EvgenM @MidnightSnap @DPmusicStudio @Octopusic @PhotonicMusic

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Now I have 7 videos !
Whant to hear your warm words about this ))))

Cool sounds! :slight_smile: Very nice videos.
I was making up my own a while ago, and came up with this:

Made several templates for different genres, but with the same visual style.

Good luck with the sales!

P.S. subscribed to your channel :wink:

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Thank you )
WoW ! Cool channel )))
Why some time ago ?
You stopped doing it )?

I would remove the “copyright free” part. You own the copyright. Otherwise people might think the song is public domain and simply free.

Also, don’t forget to add your referral id at the end of each link: ?ref=WildLion_Production

The link should look like this

Otherwise you might miss out on referral income.


I’ve never actually was a buyer,so I have a kind of typical question :slight_smile:
If I will buy one of once those templates can I use it in multiple videos on one channel or I should buy new license for every new video on the same channel?

I don’t know exactly .
Consider this question in the near future .
We use it from scratch and my templates are completely my own and so I don’t know what licenses you need to buy ):slight_smile: