Something Wrong on my Favorites Page



I think they’re hacking it :smiley:


@scottwills ?


Thanks for letting us know, @Muse_Master! Please be sure to flag your bug report/post to the moderating team instead of a direct message to a staff member so the right people can take care of the issue. I just flagged your post for you on this occasion. Thanks so much for understanding! :+1:


@kingdog @scottwills

Who Checked ? - no one cares about the forums :frowning:

Envato should add one team member to check the forums

Lots of buyers are asking help on forums authors dont help all the times, Current envato community members dosent check the forums all the times.

Hope you understand Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello again @Muse-Master, hope you had a good weekend!

First and foremost, I just personally passed along your bug report to the dev team so even if they were (or were not) previously alerted about the issue over the weekend, I can assure you that they are now aware of the issue. :thumbsup:

  1. There are actually lots of people who care and are willing to help. There’s an entire moderator team here to help. They do an incredible job. For the record, I’m not a moderator, but I happened to swing-by on a Saturday, on my day off, to try and assist you, so we’ll have to agree to disagree that no-one cares. Also, if you believe that “no-one cares about the forums”, why did you post in the forums? :wink:
  2. The correct procedure for reporting bugs is to submit a ticket to the Help Team.If you then/also want to, or need to submit a forum post for urgency, please include your help ticket number so we can escalate the issue where needed. The Help Ticket number is important and super helpful!
  3. When it makes sense to report a major/emergency issue via the forums with or without a Help Ticket (number) that’s where the forum flag tool comes in handy.
  4. The moderator team see/read everything in the forums and pass along issues to the right teams where necessary. As previously explained, please do not alert individual (or multiple) mods or staff members in your post (you did it again in your subsequent post despite being reminded not to do so). To flag an important/emergency issue, simply click the flag icon at the bottom of your post, and select:

Something Else - This post requires staff attention for another reason not listed above.”

It will then be passed along to the right person/team for their attention who can help.

The bottom-line here however is that we very much appreciate users finding and reporting bugs so quickly. We have so many community members like yourself who are so kind and gracious with their time to share report bugs, we certainly would not want to dissuade anyone from reporting issues that are important. Please share them via the correct channels however, it really helps the right people work more efficiently and get the information passed along to the right people as quickly as possible.

Perhaps the bug reporting process is not clear enough however or it can be improved further. I’ll pass it along as a suggestion for consideration to make the process easier to find/understand.

Thanks again for understanding and for your continued diligence. I know you care a lot about Envato Market and I hope this extra clarity on the bug reporting process will help you in the future. :thumbsup:


Got it - Thank you :slight_smile:


@Muse-Master Issue has now been resolved! Thanks again for letting us know. :thumbsup: