Someone to skin a wordpress theme to my design

I have a theme KALLYAS I purchased from this site.

I have just skinned it to my own look and feel using their template.

I already asked for somsone to do this from the site fiverrr but typically, these guys are so amateur they can’t do simple tasks.

I need pixel perfect development compared to my designs. I need someone with proof they can do good themes or development of wordpress sites. The task is really simple, it’s skinny a theme.

If interested please get in touch, and with proof you can do good work - english fluent is also important.

What do you except for 5$ site?
But on Fiverr you can find very good professionals but their price are not 5$.
If you want you can contact me with details what you want to make.


Tell me what price you will do it for

This is the theme and site -

This is my site, someone has tried to do it but it’s so shit the way he has
done it -

Here is my design -

I just saw your website, seems your job is done. if there is any help requirement let me know, i ll share my portfolio and live testimonials too. thankyou

The job is already done, is not a shit, it’s almost exactly like your design