Need a wordpress theme customized / Already installed and partially online

Hello everyone, I need someone to come in and skin a theme for me on Wordpress.

It has already been installed by me. Then I hired 3 developers because all of them said they could do it and I think all of them have just ruined it, it was a simple task but as usual when I look for freelancers it is always hard to find someone who can really do work. Alot of guys just looking for quick money and fraud on these freelance sites.

The current site is here and the status of it – only homepage has been done so far BUT if you see the mobile version, it is all messed up.

It’s based off this theme - (Which is good and works on mobile and normal fine)

This is my design -

I need someone to come in and clean up this theme to match my design 100% and then also to fix the mobile issues to match the theme. It is upto you if you want to work with what has been done already or you want to start from scratch again. I don’t mind I just want the job done. I don’t want to talk about it and waste time always talking, everything is here. This is easy to understand what I want. I am open to questions before the job, but not in the middle, just want the work done.

Then I need all the inside pages made, they use the same template just different content and pics

This is example of 2 inside pages,

There is in total around 9 inside pages, I will supply the word document with copy and picture location and you just have to put them in like that and link up the pages on the menu etc.

That’s it

I need this done asap, please tell me a turnaround time and if you can do this reply, if you can’t - don’t apply please.

With bad experiences with people in the east, I prefer to work with people in USA or Europe.

I need someone with proof, if you don’t have proof of work I won’t hire you. I have regular work for right person.

You have hire 3 developers because you don’t want to pay someone who know what is he doing. I have tell you my price for one page and that is too much for you. You want someone who will work for few dollars…

Now you will pay 600$ that you solve problem.

I agree with @Zaccc, it’s because you were looking for “cheap” works all the time

You can contact me through my profile page:

The Authors who replied here are very senior and very professional what i know, but i can look in to your project detail what actual problem you facing how we can successfully sort the required task.


For Cheap work, just go to [Removed]. Problem solved. There you can get a wordpress website done for only $10 with unlimited pages.

Best Solution Ever! :smile: