Somebody published my code on github under MIT

I discovered that someone published my code on github (link removed) under the MIT license. The owner of the repository said he bought the code and can do this action. Is this legal? I only sell my products under regular licenses. And it seems to me that this is illegal.

First of all, remove the GH link from here and secondly, use the report button to report the item at GH

He can’t share the codes openly even if he bought the code or even he modified it ( I just read the details )


There’s some complicated system, I have to write a letter and something more. So far I’ve just asked the owner to remove the repository. I hope he will do it, although by his manner of speech in text doesn’t seem to me so.
I wouldn’t have noticed it, but I started getting emails asking me to support this code from other users )))))

According to what he wrote, he’s not going to remove it. Just report the item…

Well, he deleted the repository. The topic is closed, but the situation is very strange and unpleasant. Good luck, everyone.

It had been there 5 years… Not sure if it’s gonna help but…

Since you have removed the link to github I am not sure if you are talking about one of your WordPress plugin(s) or some other product listed on codecanyon.

But these type of issues generally arise with WordPress plugins so I assume you are worried about your WordPress plugin only.

As @ki-themes mentioned the only thing you should do in this case instead of contacting the author is reporting the nulled plugin to the host site, in this case Github.

Envato uses split license for WordPress plugin hosted on their platform until unless you opt-in for 100% GPL license from the settings.

As per the Split License terms
The PHP component and integrated HTML are covered by the GPL. The rest of the components created by the author (such as the CSS, images, graphics, design, photos, etc) are covered by the Envato Market license.

So the host site will have to remove the item under DMCA. Similar case happened with a well known plugin “Ultimate Membership Pro” a few years back, where someone on github uploaded their plugin zip file and they filed a DMCA takedown request, and the repo was taken down by Github.

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