Some customization for

I would like to add a feature to an existing webbsite.

I recently bought a database application script.

I am using it to compare prices between 4 to 5 different wholesalers

For example all wholesalers sells a product with a unique article nr. For example if i typ 2418517 all 5 wholesalers got this product.

Wholesaler 1 sells it for 100
Wholesaler 2 sells it for 120
Wholesaler 3 sells it for 115
Wholesaler 4 sells it for 145
Wholesaler 5 sells it for 170

So its an easy way for me to chose were i should buy the specific item (2418517) of course at wholesaler 1 because its were its cheapest.

The thing i need help with/pay for
I would like to have a funktion for example next to the wholesaler 1 for the product 2418517 a button with the text add to buy list.

So if i check 30 products i can add were to buy the different products to get the best prices. The list could be in csv, or in tables, pdf or something else.

I can send you some pictures how I would like it

Someone think they are up for it?

You can contact me via this link and we can discuss the details ( I can offer some discount ) or you can contact me over Studio

You should hire a freelancer to get your goal. You can search for a freelancer at also.

I am comfortable with your project customization scope, specifications and changes.

you can drop me an email and send me complete details of your project. I will provide complete satisfaction

Looking forward to your quality response. I am available for discussion. please start communication to finalize the work.

Thank You

Thank you, but already gor a freelancer working on it!

Thanks anyway!

Alright most welcome. No problem