Wanted: Someone to customise a Wordpress Plugin from CodeCanyon

Just a quick post since I’m looking for someone to help me install and customise this plugin:

I contacted the author and sadly they don’t do customisation, they suggested I post something here.

Any chance you’d be able to help out?

If you’ve had experience with creating directory style sites on wordpress or maybe even this plugin - that’d be the best. If not, then I’m hoping you’re a Wordpress Wizard.

Anyway, let me know and it’d be great to see some of the websites you’ve worked, to give me an idea of your work.

No doubt I’ll have some other work we can do together too - so this will be a good little trial :slight_smile:

Anyway, thought we could start here and then dig deeper and figure out a budget for this project.


Envato Studio this is envato freelancer platform you can hire someone from there and fix your issue.