Soledad theme won't download to wp from desktop, need help

Can someone tell me why I’m not able to downloaded the soledad theme that I bought from my desktop to wp. it’s very frustrating. I can’t start building my site without the theme

What happens when you try to install the theme?

Are you definitely trying to install just the theme and not the entire download package?

hi, I downloaded all the files onto my desktop. I went to wp -add theme-download-install now
I only selected the .zip and I get this error msg:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /home/eveig613/public_html/

Theme installation failed.

I’ve tried many times. I can download the child theme

That sounds like it already installed (otherwise the folder wouldn’t have created). It’s definitely not showing up under appearance > themes?

The child theme won’t work properly unless the parent is installed too as it should be.

The best option would be to use FTP to remove the folder and add the theme manually that way otherwise you could ask the author

I only see the child theme in themes. my hosting is with godaddy. is that where I have to manually add the theme?

Godaddy has a file manager which (should) be able to remove/add themes etc

It will at least tell you what folders are where etc

thx. I’ll try with them or I’ll be back here :slight_smile: