soft rejection-Google Fonts documentation

I was submit a HTML template on themeforest but thy give me a soft reject, for this reason,
i don’t understand that, please anyone explain it?

  1. You can do this in one request, please refer to Google Fonts documentation
  1. STRICT EQUALITY COMPARISON: For better performance please use Strict Equality Comparison.

Please help

You can do this

Thank you so much @GFXelements

I do not know exactly, but I think they meant that you would use one CSS.
Google recommends it as standard

I understand that what you mean, Thanks again.

For the first question, I think this is the best solution as it will not generate W3C error:

<link href=',700%7CDroid+Serif:300,400,700' rel='stylesheet'>

The second question is about JS:

Change from:
if ( $nav == true )


if ( $nav === true )