HTML template hard reject - deserved?

Just got a hard reject (quality standards) on my html template submission. I welcome your feedback on what could be improved.

Demo: ((removed))

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Hi There:

I think that you w3c error and lack add footer and navigation, you need fix more html for approved themeforest good luck regards.

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Wih respect it’s an accurate decision. There is quite a lot of work to be done to bring this up to the required standard but some aspects.

  • Code doesn’t validate

  • There are issues with various fundamental areas e.g. typography generally esp. titles, padding e.g. around team photos, mobile performance

  • There are aspects which feel unfinished e.g. no footer, no nav. quote on team boxes feel part written

  • Seems like a lack of hierarchy or structure

  • Obviously fixing the basics is priority no.1 but it also will need a lot more to it (even for landing pages) including features, variations, styling options and functionality if it is to demonstrate premium value, be approved and compete in the marketplace.


Don’t think I agree with you re: hierarchy, typography. And validation seems like soft-reject territory or can that alone be a reason for hard reject?

But I think you’re probably right about the team component lacking polish and overall lack of features. Thanks for the feedback.

It doesn’t matter do you agree or not. When you fix mentioned stuff it’ll be better, which still doesn’t mean you’ll get approved, but you’ll learn in the process :slight_smile: Thanks!


No footer does seem a bit strange.

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See there is a difference between soft reject and hard reject which you need to understand first.

Soft Reject which means your item is almost ready and it just requires some kind of tweaks to release it.
Hard Reject which means your item is not yet ready even for a review.

I saw your template and the design concept is good. but this requires lot of changes

As @charlie4282 said those need to be fixed / improved in order to submit this file again

It dose not matter if you agree or not with the rejection. you need to fix it to submit this file again.

I would say this template deserved a hard rejection.

And sorry to be very frank. no hard feelings please.

Even i have face the same thing when i started envato first.

keep learning 1 day you get expert in envato submission


Typography is poor, you should improve it

Thanks for the replies everyone. Taking down the demo now while I make improvements :+1:

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WOW ! thats a good spirit :slight_smile:

I will be waiting to see the updated template. :smiley: you can hit me up at anytime for feedback. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Varun :slight_smile: I might just do that.