Soft Rejected - Some simple guidance needed.


Hi guys.

My template has been soft rejected. Here are the comments from the reviewer.

  1. Please collapse all groups and effects.
  1. Please name all layers and groups appropriately.

I made the changes and now my layers and groups have this structure as seen in this screenshot

Re-uploaded and the reviewer said the first review still stands. I am a little confused. What should I do?

Should I name the layers and groups exactly as they are titled in photoshop sections? Like for example, the first portfolio title it’s “We can do this in seconds.” but I’ve named the group “Portfolio 01

A little help would be really appreciated. Thanks


Any suggestions anyone? :slight_smile:



Looking at your screenshot, all of your groups are expanded. They should all be collapsed before being submitted.


Thanks man :slight_smile:


It’s accepted :slight_smile:


Can you please tell what was your problem? We received a similar comment from a reviewer, but we had all layers collapsed and layer and group naming was similar to yours.


I just collapsed all the layers, and named the main groups accordingly. If one section heading was named “our cool work” I named it like that instead of “portfolio”

Good luck.


Thanks for the tip!