Soft Rejected - Need advice

I got soft rejected 2nd time with message

  1. Design still needs significant improvements.
  2. Some of the previously raised issues have not been addressed.

I am checking the number 2. But can you please advise me on number 1? At first, they said my step 1 is blank and incomplete. But then, the reviewer said that the whole design needs significant improvement.

Thank you for your time.

In my point of view, I think the design need a lots of improvement. This is just first page. Blank space in header, alignment, padding, typography and so on.

To be honest brother, Your design is too basic.
I recommend you to inspire from other persons design on the internet to have a largest idea.
By the way you are lucky to have a soft reject for this project, don’t take that personaly but i advice you to try to improve it and then it will be accepted!
Good luck