Soft Reject Again - "design needs improvements" Hard critique needed again!

After being soft rejected and making all kind of changes - including suggestions from fellow authors here, my design was rejected again.

Our previous decision on this submission still stands. Significant improvements need to be made before being resubmitted.

Your item does not provide the necessary design quality to compete in the marketplace at this time.

Please give suggestions and feedback of what you think can be improved. I’m kind of giving up…


Hi @subsolar ,

Nice design. But I do see some improvement possibility. Here are a few suggestions:

1). Try using simpler animation (hover)
2). Try using some different color scheme. Or may be, just try changing the shades.
3). In my opinion, the space between different sections is more than it should ideally be. Themeforest guys take spacing quite seriously.
4). On hover (featured companies section), the text appears on the logo. Move the text to the bottom.
5). The logo & Deal Categories headings in the footer need to align with the Twitter and Follow Us headings.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

@gauravgaxon Thank you for the feed back. Yeah, things like 5) were over-sighted, Will fix them.

Any other fellow authors are greatly welcome to share too :blush:

hi, i think that u have a bit of a problem about balance and alignments, especially with the side bar which is close to no data indeed