Soft Reject - but every point is invalid


Marketing section - One Page Landing Page

  1. VALIDATION: Some of your files contain validation errors that need to be fixed. Please be sure that all files validate before resubmitting. You can validate HTML at

  2. PLACEHOLDER IMAGES: Please delete the images from the main file and replace them with placeholders. - Please mention this in the item description so that buyers understand photos are not included in the download.

  3. SCROLLING ANIMATIONS: The scrolling animations are currently overused. Animation is a tool that should be used sparingly to help enforce the concept of your design. Please consider where you are using animations and their purpose.

  1. I check 10 times, there is no any validation errors
  2. I remove all unfree graphics and put placeholders, I remove even my own photos from portfolio section
  3. I don’t know what is scrolling animation - I do not use any plugin to it. Page have only maybe 8 animated element from animate.css



Can you share the link? Who is reviewer?



I don’t like to share link before accept but reviewer is Crusader12



I was sure was Crusader12, he is also my reviewer most of times.
Be patient, really patient, and for point that you not agree try to explain him why (es. PLACEHOLDER IMAGES, I explaind him my reasons to not use it and he agreed)


Ok thanks. Now I wrote to him 2 days ago:

  1. Please show me screenshot because I check 10 times every page on demo and on files for users and do not see any errors
  2. Please show me example which image is not using
  3. There are only 6 animations, please show me where or which is overused.


And now I received totally different soft reject reasons - like spacing, typography, icon aligment … Can We ask for other reviewer by help ticket ?

Do You see in here some problem with icons aligmment? - left and info top

Ok this few dollars in landing pages are not worth time for 5th soft reject.

#7 :slight_smile:


and this is bug for You? Did You ever seen the icons that are identical in width and/or height? If I float them right, there will be gap on some icons on right side.


Just a suggestion really, it is, of course, up to if you wish to act upon it/what you do with this.

Either way, good luck :smiley:


ok thanks :slight_smile:


Crosuder12 change completely the request from One soft to anothet also for me…i don’t know if is it possibile change the reviewer…if you ask to envato please le me know…icons are aligned as best as possibile i never understood why icons maker not do all icons with correct proportions


I centered icons…maybe now will be good but waiting 3th day for resubmit in marketing section… :slight_smile:


Ok I give up, this reviewer will never accept this page: THE CHANGES ARE NOT ENOUGH


Yeah probably time to move on. Iv got a soft rejected WP that I’ll never be able to get approved in my hidden items which has been there for months.

Its based on an approved HTML too, which really winds me up.


My WP was in soft reject by 6 months :slight_smile: But it was my first WP in here so I do not know rules. Right now I talk about marketing landing page and “changes are not enough” … which changes? … Sometimes is better to start new project that’s right. I create 12 blogs ,every hard rejected except 4 and I sell it on other market places.