Social Media Banner

Why were these social media banners rejected? could anyone tell me, please?

This type of Social Media banner is very Common & Simple. Just Simple shape & image clipping mask work. I think GraphicRiver wants more creative & eyecatching work.

The originality of the design is a questionable, and this would not work for a social media post asset - far too much text, much of which would not be legible once uploaded to any social network

hi this is super flat all the way whether this is about the concept , the background, indeed, I assume that must be rather easy to get to be able to find such contents for free download so that why accepting the file and why accepting it in the first place I the item may look like sort of not bringing anything new to the table or not making people feel like that they will save some time out of buying the item, or that they assume that buying the item they will be ablate offer a much better quality than they can create by themselves, so to speak …