So taxes and feed is 70%?


i get only 30% of my sales of sound effects… is it normal?


As I understood, you’re exclusive author, so it has to be 50 % as minimum.
Are you getting less money, then half?


Im getting 30% of my sales… and i dont know why( im am exlusive… sold 1000+$ i have refferals… i am 3 years on this cite


this is not good :confused:
and what is in statements? I mean, check, how much is author fee and how much are taxes.
also - did you submitted tax information in the end of last year?


fees are 37,5%, taxes is 27,5… 65%


the taxes are huge! I’m non-US author and my taxes from US sales are around 10%.

You definitely should fill up the tax form!


Only 10% ? I’m non us also and my us taxes are 27.5. 10% how come? Btw i filled out tax form 6 months ago.


yes, I just checked - all my US sales taxes are around 10%. if item is 12$, taxes are 1.2$.
well, of course it depends on country and stuff. But the sense of filling form was to avoid 30% taxes…


It depends on the tax treaty between your country and the United States.