Skrill no accept withdrawals in USD.

I use skill and never had this problem. You should contact the skill customer support, they will resolve this issue.

Yes, I havn’t this problem too. Until yesterday.
It seems that only I have this problem.
Sent message to support, waiting for answer.

I’m fine !))) and there was no problems with the skrill I think you should call the hotline !
I think you should not send messages to support , take a long time to wait ! call the hotline !

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where are you from ?

Support said that It is one of new rules of Skrill.
If you wanna transfer money in usd to visa card - any problem. To bank account - only in euro.


I just got the same message in my Skrill. I can’t understand why they didn’t warn beforehand, it’s unacceptable to treat customers like this.

@matthewcoxy @KingDog can you please check this out and see if there’s something that can be done from Envato’s perspective? Cheers guys! :slight_smile:

I would imagine Skrill wouldn’t appreciate us trying to get involved with their core terms of service :smiley:

I was referring to how will credits from Envato that are transferred as US Dollars be transferred to Skrill if they no longer accept USD? :slight_smile:

Yeah, got this problem too. So I Called to a customer service and US dollars really can be transferred only to VISA.
Euro to MC and bank account.

And they don’t accept USD as a DEPOSIT, not receiving money. So Envato or anybody can send payment in USD to skrill accs.

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I thought that Mastercard not available for Skrill. They alreasy working with Mastercard too?

Yeah, I used MC before. But few days ago I had to order VISA card and make USD withdrawal to it. But it’s still processing, kinda long.
Update I had MC card that was bind to skirll acc, but made withdrawals to bank acc.
I’m also from Ukraine :wink:

We’ll see how long will it take to transfer money. Before this it took about 2 days

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this is crazy what they did. Thieves. Can’t give any correct info. 9 days ago i sent 20$ on my visa card and still haven’t received. Now they erased my VISA card from withdrawing money and they told me i can’t use my visa for withdraw money. But on their website is still VISA card for withdraw money in my country (so is possible, why they blocked m):

Wrote them mail again to send me some info link on their website about their changes on usd accounts.
Hope i will get answers on all my questions.

Waiting from some info from you too folk.

I will back when i get info from skrill.

I’m not sure that you’ll get answer by email.
Call to support for your country! It will be quick way to get information.

I got my withdrawal in USD to my VISA without any comission fees.

With regards to your inquiry we regret to inform you that we will no longer process uploads and withdrawals in USD currency due to changes in the internal rules of the company.

Please note that all such attempts will be automatically converted in EUR currency and the amount (plus fees) will be recalculated.

Of course, you will still be able to receive funds from customers of yours in USD, but any attempt to withdraw these funds to your bank account will be processed in EUR.

In addition to that, your account will remain in USD currency and it would not be changed. The fees which should be collected on our side are 2.99% from the total amount (however, there might be bank and other fees in-between, which we are not in the position to calculate).

Also, please be advised that you are not able to withdraw your funds to your VISA card due to internal policy changes. In this respect, we kindly advise you to withdraw to your registered bank account.

Just don’t write and ask skrill because you will get this answer and they will block your visa card and take you bigger fees. Just withdraw your dollars on your VISA till you can.

AleksandraP, thank you for your part of information in this issue. It will helpful for other users.


Hi Friends after seen so many fraud complaints about in i fear about this company … i am using from last 2 years at first its fine recently on 3rd october i withdraw funds 800 USD but still not received my money in bank after withdraw funds in i got emails from its showing different bank location name in another approved email in account number 2nd number omitted this bank account verified 2 years back that time nearly 10 times i received funds successfully also that time bank location also showing same but now its changed i am fearing i will receive funds or not . while searching in google about frauds i have seen above website after seen that reviews i fear about this site and frauds … i donot know what happen i will update you after few days … its better to keep away this website to receive funds … there is now customer service few years back they given very goods service and customer support but no customer service they lost their name and trust .

Always best to take TrustPilot reviews with a pinch of salt… people rarely search out the site to leave positive reviews. Would you be aware of their TrustPilot page if everything was going smoothly for you? I mean there’s 1000 reviews… some good, mostly bad, but how many people use Skrill in total?