Skrill account verification (I do not get money)

Hello! As befits January 15 I received a letter from “Envato” that the money arrived in my account. But they are not. The fact that the requested documents skrill to verify the Account. I called the skrill, they approved my documents, and all limits were removed. But the money I still have not received.
Support Skrill tells me to know the transaction ID at Envato. Or the sender must send the money again.

Envato sent me money, but they did not because of the restrictions on the account as a gift. A few hours restrictions were lifted, but I did not get the money.

Who faced with this problem, please help!

Sorry for my English!

I also not received money from envato on skrill today. In skrill support sent me back to envato.

you received a letter from the envato that money sent?

Yes I got this mail at 8:00 am Moscow time. I have also written in support envato with a request to send money again.

then we just have to wait :frowning: Let’s hope that they will quickly solve this issue.

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I am facing the same problem. My account has no limit because of higher transaction and verification.
I have sent mail to support and waiting :frowning:
It’s really painful.

I spoke in support of the Envato, they said that they will solve this problem. I hope all get better soon. I would not want to lose my money, Envato my only way of income.


Don’t forget to update the status of payment.
I am still waiting. Will inform here if i got the fund.

Sorry, I do not quite understand in English.

I have to do something with my account? More? I watched my Skrill account is active.
Or do you have something else in mind?

Yes, need to do.
I have sent ticket to support and waiting for update.

Envato returned the money to my account, all is well. Support is very fast! :slight_smile:

On skrill account? Good news, but I’m still waiting.

No, at the expense Audiojungle, we can deduce them until next month.

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Today money returned to the account (videohive). Thank you very much for support!