Skrill account verification - two weeks, and still waiting for response


How many time takes skrill account verification in Your case?

Skrill think, if i withdrawal money from Envato then im gangster :smiley:

I sent scans of two sides of my ID (with blured some data - requiring ID scan in my country is not allowed, any company cant require my ID for verification), 2 weeks ago and I dont have any reply.

I have verified first (mastercard) credit card and second (visa) debit card.

I have sent quick payment money transfer, and traditional money transfer.

This is still to less, required to verify that me are me, and money from Envato is not money from dilling drugs? :frowning:

Btw. Why Envato dont have any contract with Skrill? Why Skrill must verify each author of Envato marketplaces? (my money at skrill is only from Codecanyon).

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 messages sent.

I hope i receive any reply from Skrill.

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Hey MyNameIsMatthew,

I also waited about two weeks for verification and nothing.
Then, I went to their Twitter support account, wrote them there (you should add your email or ID to the post), and they responded in next few hours. Few days later I again needed some quick response, sent them mail, wrote on Twitter immediately after that - again they responded in next 24h.

Funny, but looks like Twitter is what they watch the most. So contact them there and they will respond soon: