Single Use License Question- what counts as a single project?

Hi all,

I’ve had a question from a buyer regarding licensing that I need some help answering.

The question from the buyer is:
We licensed a song of yours for a corporate movie. This movie consists of 9 situations which they also would like to have in 9 separate movies. The license is single-use, so we were wondering how we would have to license the song to be able to use it in all of the videos.

I’ve looked at the info on the Music Standard License page however I’m still unclear on what counts as a single project. Can one movie, than is then edited into a series of separate movies be counted as one project?

Any advice would be great!


It sounds like, that this guys should buy new licence for every new video)

Sounds like a series to me! Would depend on the topic of these ‘movies’ though… what they’re for etc. If it is just one movie that is edited into nine different versions, all with pretty much the same content… then that would definitely be part of a series, so would only require one license.

Thanks so much for your answer!