Single Post Pages for Custom Post Types

Hi There,
I have been developing a one page WordPress personal portfolio theme for Themeforest submission.

I have some sections in the front page which is my main page for this one page theme. The sections are:

  1. Service Section
  2. Portfolio Section
  3. Testimonial Section
  4. Team Section etc. etc.
    And most of them are populated by custom post type.
    Now my queries are:
  5. Is it mandatory to create single post page for each of the custom post types ?
  6. If not, then what about the ‘href’ attribute value(where we write this code the_permalink()) of the anchor tag ()? Should I keep it dead like href=”#”?
  7. Is it mandatory to design Section Page, Portfolio Page etc. which are created by custom page templates?

N. B. This is a onepage personal portfolio WordPress theme.

Thanks in advance.