Simple timeline delay - actionscript 2


I have a simple 3 slide swf that runs in a loop. Each clip should stay on the stage for about 5-6 seconds before the next one animates on. Without using frames in the timeline, what actionscript can I put before each clip comes on to hold it off 5-6 seconds ? In my days of programming it would have been like a ‘for-next loop’



use setTimeout to call a function delayed, such as:

setTimeout(myFunction, 5000);

function myFunction()

the first arg in the function name to call, the second arg is how long to wait in milliseconds, that that will call myFunction after 5 seconds.

If you want it to call the function repeatedly, not just once, use setInterval instead of setTimeout.


hoooo,thanks God,i find this thread. finally i can give a delay for my project.
thanks MBMedia.