Simple Straightforward Image Preview Info

Iv’e rea all the guides, read over the forums, All I need and seriously, allI need is a simple guide to ALL required images sizes.
reading the ‘guide’ there is no mention of previews image at 590, no mention of an 80x80 thumbnail, no mention of zipping images. But when i go to upload there they are
Does anyone have a simple list of the required images and their sizes. Not links to info, but an actual simple list?
I have so much to upload and possibly redo since I tried to upload.
If no I will do one. Simple screenshots so we can see where the images go and the sizes required.

Image Preview:
590 pixel wide, maximum height is 8000 pixels

80x80px JPEG or PNG

Preview Image Set (this is optional)
ZIP file of images (png/jpg), best about 1000px to 1500px
(these images are opened individually at different devices)

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