show up animation! Feedback please.

I work for this project for long time to improve the interface for the user so it’s easy to change almost everything in one place and I used expression for that however it has been rejected by VideoHive.

  • Please guys if you have some time gives me any feedback would be really helpful. and feel free to write I’m open-mind.

Thank you in advance

Style is old and should be modernized; animation is not that good; colors choices should be better.


Thank you!
I hope to get more feed back please

You should change the title show up animation.

To be honestly: style is old, animation is bad, and color gamma is disgusting. Please forgive me for my opinion :wink:

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“It’s old looking and not good” is not legit feedback. Fellow authors, please refrain from wasting everyone’s time by writing stupid sh*t that isn’t helpful to anyone. The way you give feedback is “it’s bad and here’s WHY”, or “here are some specific things that could make it better”. Saying “it’s bad and should be better” or vague stuff like “should be modernized” is NOT HELPFUL, so stop.

On-topic :

The animation itself has some ‘weird physics’ going on. The third bounce slows down way too quick, it should maintain at least 50% of the original velocity. But i like the idea and if you get your third bounce correct, and maybe center the whole animation a bit better (currently it’s leaning too much on the bottom part), it could work.

The main reason it looks “old” is because you’re using shadows. “Modernizing it” would mean simply removing the shadows, and keeping everything 2D and flat.

The colors don’t work because they’re way too saturated for today’s trends. People generally prefer more desaturated and neutral colors. Your background colors especially should be close to grey, so basically just heavily desaturated.

Anyway good luck, that’s my 2 cents!

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Thank you very much Voxyde for this really good, professional and inspiring comment unlike some others they used aggressive disappointed comments.