New project for yo Upload help me please to improve it

Hello everybody! I made a new project for videohive, it is very simple but it is original, and I would like you to help me improve it, to accept it. Maybe I need to change the music, maybe add some effects. Please, I am open to all the advice. Thank you for your time.

Hi. I´m not a reviewer, but your project just like it is right now, my guess is that it wouldn´t be approved. Things to improve in my opinion:

  • Flat color background doesn´t match well with 3D balls. Background lights and shades make a huge difference.
  • Reveal of logo is way too simple, it needs to interact more with the rest of the animation.
  • 3D looks maybe like the very beginnings of 3D animation, it gave me that impression first time.
  • Smiles on the balls are difficult to see
    Good Luck! :+1:

To be honest, this does not look original. As for the design: the shadows look dirty, 3D animation looks like the design of 2000

Thank you, this is very important to me now. Thanks for taking the time

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Thank you Bro, this is very important to me right now. Thanks for taking the time

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Just try to compare your project with similar projects on the market. And in general, always carefully study the analogues before starting work in order to understand the necessary level. But in no case do not copy what has been done 1000 times already. Always add originality. Good luck! :wink: