Hello, I am planning to buy a theme from 27collective:

How do I opted out the Woocommerce if I am wanting to install Shopify as my check out? Its so hard to talk to the developer as it needs a purchase code. Can somebody help me?

You can use item comments here but I am pretty sure you are going to find it’s not that simple to try and mix and match between WP and Shopify like that


You are saying to add two CMS it’s not possible.

You can install Shopify and WordPress in Parallel and can use blogging features of WordPress in the website rest website will be of Shopify. In this way, Shopify database is different and will not conflict.

Adrian CIS

What is Parallel? Is that a Theme or plugin? Thanks.

Marisa Rosli, MBA and MSciM

The good news is that if you don’t want to use WooCommerce you don’t have to - simply don’t install the WordPress plugin. Your theme should still work just fine without it.

If you would prefer to use Shopify instead of WooCommerce, you’ll have to use the Shopify Buy Button with WordPress. If you want to setup your website this way you’ll need to signup for a Shopify account and add all of your products there. Then you’ll have to separately setup your WordPress website, install your WordPress theme and then insert buy buttons for your Shopify items.

The only bad news is that your WordPress theme probably doesn’t include design options for Shopify buy buttons since the theme was designed to work with WooCommerce.To style them you’ll probably have to use custom CSS (if you don’t know how to do this we recommend finding a developer to help on Envato Studio).

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