Shopify Theme envato elements Not Working I tired Everything!!!!

Hello, ı did download shopify theme via envato elements this theme. Consult Press - Finance, Consulting Joomla Theme, CMS Templates - Envato Elements, but when I read all article about how to download when ı try to download always get this error.


this is a Joomla template/theme not a Shopify theme!

I download so many of them non of them working

If you download Joomla template/theme then you have to install in Joomla environment/cms.

If you download Shopify theme then please check the following:

maybe you are uploading the wrong .zip file. You should unzip the package you downloaded from ThemeForest/Elements and you will find another .zip in it, which should be called your Please try to install that .zip


As @mgscoder pointed out, you’re downloading Joomla themes. Try with this category:

This guide provides general help for common issues you may encounter when using the Template Kit Import or Envato Elements plugins. The only problem I see with any premium theme from any market place is they are bloated with a lot of options and code that we don’t require at all.