Share your Spotify Page! 🎵

Hey AJ authors (and anyone who makes music around here),

Working on something other than your AJ music? A passion project, or the music of your own band, group, etc. Share it here! This thread is for all the music you’re making when you’re not composing for AJ.

To kick things off, here’s a fast-rock instrumental album I made recently, inspired by arcade racing video games:

and my new Trance / EDM single Radiance:

Can’t wait to see what everyone else shares! If you have a Spotify Artist account, share your page!


I’ll share my profile on spotify then :rofl:

Surely it’s all EDM stuffs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice :+1: . Keep it coming guys!

There is an earlier thread Have your own music? Let's share....
May be it makes sense to merge them together?

Ah, yes, forgot about that one. I’ve renamed the title of this thread to something more suitable. This thread is more about sharing each other’s Spotify pages.

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Here is mine just one song on there…rippin’ guitar solo track

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I published some lullabies on spotify!

share with your friends that needs some sleep! :slight_smile:


Here’s my Spotify profile! Check it out! A new single will be released soon.

He-he! :slight_smile:

Hi, my release (today!) of solo piano tracks:
Piano Light

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That was so relaxing. Nice writing.

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I like your variations on the lullabies. They did make me sleepy😴.

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I also play in a band called KEN → Ferry Wants That Yacht - Single by Ken | Spotify

On this album I play the guitar and also some of the vocals are mine.


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Hi! Here’s my page :slight_smile:

Not my stock music page, but my retrowave 80’s artist. Enjoy!