Share revenue from music in monetized YouTube videos?

As the subcribers in envator elements I am thinking to use music to monetize my Youtube video, but the question is do I need to share my revenue from Youtube to the contributors?


Thanks for your replying, because the music is the main content for my Youtube, is it still legal to use music from Envato Element for monetizing?

Your end-product must be bigger in scope than the music itself. Meaning, the music must be a component of your project and not the main content. What did you have in mind?

I’m thinking to shoot POV Adventure video with music on it. Because it won’t have any conversation so I will do with music/effect on it? Is it ok to use those for monetizing?

Yes, this would be ok indeed. The license you’ll get from Elements will be the tool to clear the copyright claim, so that you can monetize the video for yourself.

What kind of music should be able to attract your youtube?

Idk yet, depending on where I want to go and what I see on the video.