Setting the featured image in Entrepreneur theme

Hi! I am trying not to pull my hair out. The featured image at the top of the main page simply will not show up. The booking calendar that goes along with it is also truncated.

Is there a meta box where I should be inserting the featured image? On the demo, there is a picture of a woman (massage therapist) standing against a wall with the calendar floating next to her. I want to put my own image there, but nothing is happening. :frowning:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hello @merrybee77 and welcome to Envato forums!

The fastest way to get support/help for an item you bought is to contact directly the author of the item, here is the link to their Support:

All the best!

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Thank you @hevada :slightly_smiling_face:

In this case, I am helping a friend with her website. I asked her for the purchase code so I could submit a support ticket, and she just informed me that the code has expired because it has been probably a year and a half since she purchased the theme.

I would love to contact the author directly, but have not been able to locate her/him yet. :confused:

Could you give me any further suggestions? She is a massage therapist and the opening of her studio and website is this saturday. I just want this to be as awesome as possible for her!

Many thanx,

Youโ€™re welcome, @merrybee77

All the best with the website, fingers crossed then :sunny: :blush:

If you donโ€™t have a purchase code anymore, you can email directly the author for further specific support, using the small contact form at the right side of the page when you click this link (his profile page):

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