Hello There we’re having several issues with the hubspot platform and our website using the SETECH THEME (Wordpress). We received the next message for our implementation specialist so we want to know if you could help us.

I hope you are well.
After further investigation, we found that we are unable to access this website due to a configuration or restriction within that site’s platform (
Please check with the administrator of that website for more details on the possible reasons why this site is not being accessed by HubSpot’s SEO recommendation tool. The web user-agent used by our crawler is the following:
• Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; HubSpot Crawler;

Contact your web hosting company. I disguised myself as HubSpot’s crawler and was only able to connect to your website once, before it completely blocked my IP address. This is something on your host’s side.

You can send them the following for context:

curl -I -A "Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; HubSpot Crawler;"
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: Timed out