The Envato team stated that there is no access to my demo site. Can you test it?

I opened a new one too.

This is the old address:

This is the new address:

Both are working for me.


But the envato team states that it is not working, I could not understand.

Both of them works fine from my end

Maybe it was some temporary issue, just resubmit.

Hello, I sent it again after testing it to many friends. And again I got the same result.

My hosting company said this.

Could you please open the CMD command screen, run the following command, and send the output as a screenshot from the device that cannot gain access?


Hi @HalilBeycan, as in your previous post @rosssimpson suggest you to open a author help ticket please open a support ticket and there mentioned your 2 threads url in the details section. hope you will get a solution from support. In the mean time you can ask your support is there any ip/country restrictions for your hosting server!

Hello, I opened a support ticket.

My hosting company stated that there is no restriction.

I had once the same/similar situation.

For me was this:

In demo field, you must enter “https://” on start (take a look on image). Maybe this is not your case, but just check that.

I had once the soft rejected because of that.

p.s. I am ThemeForest author - probably same/similar field is for CC authors

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Thank you, I opened a support ticket, and I want to follow the path accordingly.

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