Selling artwork created with Envato Elements assets?

Hey guys,
I have a question about Envato’s license. It should be pretty clear, but maybe I’m just too dumb to understand it (for my specific case). So the situation is that I created an artwork in Photoshop using assets from my Envato Elements subscription. It has a person in the middle, person got changed with different assets, fantasy-elements and a different background was put in. So I basically combined assets to make art. Now my question: Am I now allowed to sell said artwork, say as prints or on sites like Displate? I couldn’t quite understand that in the licensing page.

You can sell end products you create using assets from Envato Elements, but there are exceptions. So while physical prints would be fine, selling them on stock imagery sites wouldn’t (Not 100% sure if Displate would be classed as a stock site or not). You can see exceptions in the license terms above and you can contact support if you need any clarification.