Sell wordpress plugin

Hi, I’m planning to sell a wordpress plugin on codecanyon and I want to protect my plugin so each person can use it individualy and not be able to share it. So I should sell license for my product.
I wanted to know how codecanyon will protect my product and how I can use this website to sell my plugin.


You cannot protect the source code as you may only offer activation upon the register

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The source code isn’t that important duo to most people are unfamiliar with programming in general. I just want to know how codecanyon sell my product. is it throw giving each person an unique code to activate plugin?
If that is the case what script should I use and overal how licensing works?

i read anout extended license.


You will connect the script with Envato API to check if the plugin is valid ( purchase ) then it will be activated

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Do I need to pay to activate this feature?