Is there anyway for me to sell plugins required for my script separately ?


I would like to clarify followings.

  1. .I would like to sell several plugins required for my script separately rather than releasing them as an update since we had to put more effort for these modifications. plus i would like to release these plugins to all clients who purchased Extended licence free of charge. is there any way for me to accomplish this? is there anyway for me to bundle them within the Codecanyon itself?

2). If above isn’t possible is it possible for me to sell my plugins separately via my website ? (Please note that I’m exclusively selling on Codecanyon)

3). If above possible can i know can i list these and create a link to my website ?

Thank you

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You can sell extensions separately BUT:

1 - if you are exclusive then it all needs to happen through envato.

2 - you can’t use it as a reward/bonus to people buying extended licenses. Extended licenses only influenced how an item is used and not the actual functionality or features

Typically, unless the extension is a significantly different functionality, it’s best to avoid this approach as it risks frustrating buyers, reducing potential sales, and devaluing the core item

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