Plugin selling

What if i’ve approved plugin in WordPress org Directory that plugin pro version can i sell on codecanyon marketplace?

Who know’s codecanyon my plugin accept it or not?

  1. Envato authors of WordPress themes and plugins are permitted to offer lite versions (a version with reduced/limited functionality) of their exclusive themes and plugins for free on

More info here:

This is not what i asked mate, i asked if my already approved plugin on after that i will submit on codecanyon. this is allowed or not?

same answer as I mentioned above. Also you can mention to reviewer comments that the light version of this plugin already published in wordpress dot org

Okay sure.

I’m just surprise that accepted my plugin but codecanyon not accepted LOL

there light version (free) but in codecanyon you are targeting to sale so must need to put commercial values with premium features. otherwise why customer will purchase the item! why they will spend $!

yes, all the plugin on codecanyon maintain the quality and coding requirements. to improve your item you have to look up not low sale items.