Seeking Feedback on Rejected Item

Hello fellow authors ,

I hope you’re all doing well and having a productive day! I recently received feedback from the Envato Quality Team regarding my submission, “BiteHive - Restaurant HTML Landing Page Template.” Unfortunately, it did not meet the quality standards required to move forward.

While I understand that re-submitting this item is not an option, I am eager to learn and improve from this experience. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate your valuable feedback and insights on the specific reasons for its rejection.

I believe that constructive criticism and guidance from fellow authors like you can play a crucial role in helping me enhance my skills and align my future submissions with the high standards set by Envato. Your expertise and perspectives are incredibly valuable to me.

I remain determined and enthusiastic about creating quality items that meet the expectations of both the Envato Quality Team and our esteemed customers. Your feedback will undoubtedly contribute to my growth as a designer and developer.

Thank you in advance for your time and willingness to assist. I look forward to reading your insights and applying them to future submissions. Together, we can strive for excellence and elevate the Envato marketplace!

This is the demo of my template: Live Preview
This is the Theme Preview:

This is the Thumbnail:

Note: I uploaded it to this category: Marketing → Landing Pages → Entertainment → Restaurants & Cafes on ThemeForest

Thank you so much once again!

With respect, this is a LONG way off the necessary standard.

Just some issues (not exhaustive):

  • design is generally lacking in attention to detail or modern features and functionality

  • mass inconsistency throughout esp with typography and hierarchy

  • do not have blogs or navigation which does not do anything

You need to consider significantly updating the design, multiple variations of about/services/etc. If you think something like this Dinenos – Fast Food & Restaurant HTML Template has FAR more too it and has only sold 3 times this year - this emphasises what you need to be considering.


Thank you so much for your suggestion @charlie4282

Please, what do you mean about navigation, I think I added a navigation menu, as you see in this image:

Note: The first page is just the presentation of the landing page, you need to click on the Live Preview - LTR button to view the full landing page.

Thank you so much once again @charlie4282

You have a list of links in the footer which do nothing under “how it works” through to “company”.

This feels lazy, unfinished and slightly misleading as several of the pages do not seemingly even exist?


First, thank you so much for your help @charlie4282!

Yes, you’re right I added only 1 page, and their RTL (Right to Left) version, I added this to the Landing page category, and I thought that this category should have only one page as its name Landing Page, if it has more than 2 this is a site template, please correct me I’m confused?

Thank you so much once again @charlie4282!