script typefacer.jsxbin

Hi, my name is Monica
I am a student of graphic design in Mexico
I apologize, my English is bad

I am currently studying After Effects and it is very interesting
A friend has a script called typefacer.jsxbin
However, it does not run in my version 15.0.1 of after effects

And I have two questions:

      There is a more modern version of this script

Can you rewrite the script and if so, how would you do it?

Thank you in advance for your comments

Hi Monica, welcome to our community!

Is this the script typefacer.jsxbin you are talking about: ?

From what I see it was updated last time in 2014, there is no newer version of it…And Adobe After Effects 15.0.1 was released in 2018 from what I know, so maybe they are not compatible.

Here are a couple of other typeface scripts which might work instead:✓

If you want to rewrite the script, you’ll have to correct script errors. Editing .jsxbin files look very similar with editing JavaScript, if you know JavaScript. Or otherwise, you could find someone to rewrite it, on Envato Studio:

Hello Hevada

Thanks for your comments, the script I’m talking about is different
The letters are a few legs and run, I love that
I want to know if it can be rewritten because it serves me as a practice
And yes, if JavaScript is

Greetings from Mexico

Hi , try out with “enter your text” with uppercase TEXT !!! now for me work perfectly
witht after effect 2018