After Effects Freelancer needed to script auto format of a text and its animation.

I need an AE script or preset to format a text always the same way, and highlight part of the text. Message me if you are interested in this project. I have a visual reference of what I need.

hey marlonengel,
I’d be happy to discuss the project with you, and see if I could help with the setup of the base you’re describing.
we have lots of experience with the same

I’d be happy to offer my thoughts, and once, I have a better sense of the whole project, then we will go for further

i’m looking forward to hearing from you

Hello! Thank you for your contact. Here are a few more information:

Take a look at the reference below:

The text selected could come from and external text file with some structure to define what need to be highlighted. The goal is to have the text loaded into AE in some way, and auto format it, having the Chapters number in a bigger size that distinguishes it from the rest of the text. The text should scroll to a selected vers(es) (have the verse as much as in the middle of the screen as possible), that will be highlighted making the rest of the text around 40% opaque. The most challenging thing that I see is to make the verse number smaller than the rest of the text and superscript. I think the easiest part is the screen with the name of the book, and the verse reference, that in the reference case appear at the bottom of the screen.

A few other things to consider: 1- If the verse is at the end of a chapter, it would be interesting that the text of the next chapter shows as well, with all the appropriate formatting. 2 - if there is the need to change to another verse, how would that effect be, if the verse come from a book before the one being presented, and if it comes after. 3- if the selection of verses is bigger that what can be presented on one screen, have the option to have a secondary scroll up to reveal the rest of the text. 4 - there are some specific color and type fonts that would be used, but I believe this is an easy thing to adjust.

Thanks for your attention,

LOL 100$ , that is too much …

Hello marlonengel,

Thanks for your response

I am checking all the provided details and i will get back to you with best fit time/cost estimation for your project

I request you to please help me with your email address so that i can check share all the updates with you directly over there.

looking forward to hearing from you.