Script to Buy

Hie Guys.

I need a web and or mobile app script to buy either Android or Android and iOS both. I don’t have money to hire a developer or the skill to do it myself. I want something that can become my app business. So can anyone assist me with any script you know hopefully on codecanyon that is good and working well? I want to be able to sell user information to potential legal buyers like supermarkets, or government institutes. And they should other monetization options. I am thinking Price Comparison, Hotel Apps, Safety Apps, Zoosk or Tinder like app, entertainment and Fiverr. If anyone has good app ideas please tell me. All I want now is to start my app idea and through it raise money to hire a developer for the real idea in my mind. I am in South Africa.

You won’t find something like those sites on a stock marketplace and you need to consider the astronomically high legal and security costs and considerations around running a business or app with that type of data

Thanks. So it will be just for a small target like just for my city and then as the app grows have to hiredevelopers to redo it?

You need to plan for scalability but again - selling user info requires serious investment in security and legal coverage regardless of how big or small you are. Aside from protecting yourself, you won’t get approved by app stores without proper governance

Those apps you list as examples are all multi million $ businesses and builds