Did someone find a decent Uber-like app that can be edited on codecanyon yet?

Well its a tough one to find but it seems all the ones i come across on the marketplace are either not working well or have no good reviews after i checked the comments. Some are even straightaway just lies and dont deliver what they advertise. Did someone find a great one here with the above description?

While it’s impossible to comment on specific items, and while the standards are generally high across the marketplace - it’s still unlikely to find something for less than $100 that realistically compares to a multi-million $ app and business.

You (budget dependent) will almost certainly save a great deal of time and stress looking at having a solution custom built.


This month I have sale. In bundle I am selling Facebook , Instagram and Uber. Only 99$ LOL!!

I agree the standards are high on the marketplace. I got some nice products from there that made my work easier. I am willing to part with more than even $200 if I can get a working clone with basic business operation functionalities. Like request ride, cancel ride, contact between user and driver, and feedback to the system admin for reporting and retrieval of forgotten/lost items. and Some reports too. User registration must be linked to a mobile number, which can be verified.

I see if you add microsoft and apple, I will buy at $5000, lol

With respect you are missing several 000’s

Even then you won’t be able to run the app without considerable monthly fees

Definetely…lol and while we are on that. Those monthly fees can definitely turn a sinner to a priest. But then we should all aim higher. In respect of retrospection I will take Zacccs offer :smile:

I haven’t found a decent uber like an app that can be edited on codecanyon. Can anybody suggest any app.