Scariest and spookiest music and sound effects on AudioJungle

##What are the scariest and spookiest songs and sound effects on AudioJungle?

####We want you to curate and create a list of FIVE items from AudioJungle that capture the essence of Halloween! Select the spookiest and scariest sound effects and music and share them with us in this thread!

###How to Enter

  • Create a list of the scariest and spookiest 5 items on AudioJungle and post right here in the forums.
  • Items must be a combination of music and/or sound effects with a minimum of one sound effect in each list.
  • You may include a maximum of ONE item that you created yourself in the list if you wish.
  • Each of the 5 items must be created by a different author
  • You MUST write a description of what you like about EACH item in your list (minimum of two sentences per item, please!), why it’s good and/or and why you think it captures a scary or spooky ambience.
  • One entry per user, please, so make it your best list!


  • We’re giving away an AudioJungle T-shirt to the curator of the list we like the best
  • We’ll select and publish the winning list on our blog
  • We’ll create a special AudioJungle and VideoHive homepage collection of twenty items from the 4 entries we like the best (including the winner) and we’ll feature it throughout the remainder of October.

###Top 5 reasons why you’ll occasionally see us run these events

  • The curated lists are a great way to expose your content to new and existing customers.
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  • Most importantly of all, we value the input and opinion of our community rather than solely rely on what WE think is best.

Good luck! We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing your curated lists!


My offer :

@CHEER Many thanks! Don’t forget - to make your entry eligible, it must follow the requirements very carefully. 5 items total, a sound effect in there as a minimum, a description of each item, all items from different authors, and only one of the five items by yourself (if you wish). Full details above. Feel free to edit your entry and update it! :slight_smile:

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This is my top-5 - horror,suspence and creepy.
A. On Halloween by @Twinsmusic
Magical, mystierius voices. Like melody and harmony.
B. Halloween by @WildKittyTunes
My work.
C. Epic Horror Trailer by @lucafrancini
Masterpiece. Track consist of some parts. Dark, scary,beatiful.
D. Horror Background by @Blaze-up-Music
Classical horror/slasher track from late 70s- 80s. I like this oldschool sound and organ especially.
E. Horror Trailer Ident by @VladislavMartirosov
4 great idents. Unusual item, i really like this work.


I really like this event so here is my entry!

Francesco Pirrone - Halloween Madness this one features a creepy Theremin along with the Organ and Harpsichord… it sets the right mood.
SoundTree - Halloween i love the marching rythm and the hollywood feeling in this one.
Stefano Cremona - Monster Saying I Kill You that voice creeps me out.
Boomopera - Halloween i am loving the monster voice underneath the track and the overall orchestral feeling.
TaleSound - Halloween it sounds like a grotesque/hellish waltz.


My top 5:
On Halloween
Halloween Fun
Epic Horror Trailer

Here are my five horror themed songs

  1. Horror Trailer by @Synchrotron - Haunting piano, dark scraping sounds and screaming/scary impacts. Get ready for mayhem!

  2. Creepy Music Box by @8thModeMusic - Classic creepy scary movie music box melody. Where’s the doll hiding?

  3. Summer Camp Slasher by @JBlanks - Dark and sinister horror movie music. Watch out!

  4. Organic Fear by @Adigold - Slow and creeping soundscape. Haunting tones.

  5. Horror by @Stockwaves - Tension builds as this track goes from one crazy impact to the next. Get ready for slaughter!


Here are my suggestions:

  • Halloween by Stardiva
    Upbeat orchestral music full of whirling spooky fun! The track features a full orchestra and choir as well as a haunting theremin, and a chilling harpsichord. The perfect Halloween soundtrack!

  • Halloween by OnBothSide
    Short and spooky track with fun macabre atmosphere. Featuring a ghostly theremin, an ominous bassoon, a harpsichord and various percussion, the track definitely has that special Halloween flavor!

  • Halloween Treat by PurpleFogSound
    Halloween Treat is a delightfully spooky orchestral track! It features warm horns, whirling woodwinds,lush strings and an ominous choir, as well as a harpsichord, church organ and upright bass.

  • Horror & Halloween Sound Effects by Beathoven
    These awesomely scary sounds ranging from bats, evil laughs, monsters, witches, screeching doors, ominous bells and many other goodies will cover all your Halloween SFX needs!

  • Master Evil Big Laugh by Astralaudio
    Big, deep, bold and scary, this is the big evil laugh from beyond that will take you Halloween project to the next level of scary!


They surely are! Great event @scottwills :sunglasses:

One question: Are Music Kits valid for inclusion in the entry?

@Stockwaves Sure! Why not? Go for it! :slight_smile:

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It’s my choice:

Amusing Ghost by AnyStyle
This track is interesting because he was terribly funny. This is the essence of Halloween. A bunch of musical tricks allow us to make a very unusual video.

Halloween by AminovMusic
This is spooky background for the flying monsters and other vermin! …and 3/4 is good a musical decision.

The Darkness by MelancholyStudio
The name of the track corresponds to its content. Many glitches and modern sound allow us to call this track a good choice for the films production.

Halloween Day by AirSounds
As and the first track from this list, “Halloween Day” is cynical and funny music, and would be a good background for the Halloween video.

Halloween by DragonMotionStudio
Sad and mysterious track. A good choice for intro to the chilling stories.

Here is my list of horror sounds

The Halloween Massacre Trailer by Kirk-Monteux
This track has all you need for the Halloween experience. Motor chain saw, screaming, monsters, and swords. Just horrible.

*Horror Trailer by sondbay
This is a cinematic track with a lot of deep brass bass sounds and orchestral percussions.

Dubstep Horror by FASSounds
Really contemporary dub step sound track. Very aggressive and spooky.

Halloween Hip-Hop by MusicBoxStudios
Good hip hop intro track for your halloween house party.

Horror Outro Effect by Lmz
This audio FX fits perfect in any outro application.

Also I made a collection with all these tracks:

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@Kirk_Monteux Nice idea with the collection, I like it! :thumbsup:


I had a scary track, but it was hard rejected. I guess the mix was horrible and spooked the Reviewer. :joy:


@flaviocortizo Please note that I removed your post as it contained one item (made by you) which would be considered self promotion unfortunately. Please read and follow the instructions in the announcement at the top of this thread to find out what we’re asking for. Take a look at what @Purplefogsound has provided above, it’s a good example of what we’re looking for. Thanks for understanding! :thumbsup:

Cool list, @AnyStyleX! Don’t forget to provide a couple of sentences about each item you selected - why you like them, why you think they’re the best, why they work as scary track. Look forward to seeing your response! :slight_smile:

Here’s my list:

  1. Dark Rock Trailer by NisusPrideMusic This is strong track with two parts: dark ambient and metal.
  2. Halloween by LumenMedia Spooky vampire story, played by sinister orchestra, with theremin surreal solo, scary and playful at the same time.
  3. Halloween by NargoMusic Orchestral music with otherworldly sound.
  4. The Halloween by StudioKolomna Spooky and funny Halloween music for background.
  5. Halloween by audio_atomy The dynamic orchestral composition for the holiday Halloween.

Here are my picks:

  1. Halloween Disco by @pmwa
    I just love this track. Combining both scary and whimsical themes, this one is sure to bring life to any Halloween production. Spooky sound effects, brass, theremin, and spine-tingling evil laughs and screams make this a truly stand-out piece. Perfect to get your audience up and moving, adding an upbeat note to any project. Get your groove on!

  2. Halloween by @boomopera
    Fresh out of the review queue, and what a track! Super scary and evil to the bone, this track features spooky strings, spine-tingling pizzicato, crashing cymbals and evil laughs to conjure up quite a frightening atmosphere. An instant classic in my book, and the perfect fit for short Halloween projects. Boo!

  3. Halloween Trailer by @gballx
    Beginning with a creepy harpsichord riff and menacing brass, this track slowly builds with terrifying strings and mischievous xylophone to create a truly spooky and frightening atmosphere. Perfect for longer Halloween projects with a building introduction. Are you scared yet?

  4. Halloween Logo by @stardiva
    Aaaah! What a spooky logo. One of my favourites that I’ve listened to, this Halloween-themed logo / ident is the perfect way to reveal your logo or project whilst terrifying your viewers. Featuring horrifying piano and celesta, this creepy short stinger quickly builds with frightening dissonant staccato strings to make a mark, finishing with the chime of an evil bell.

  5. Horror & Halloween Sound Effects by @Beathoven
    You can’t get much better than this! It’s a pack chock full of everything you need to freak out your audience, containing some truly spooky sound effects. Monstrous laughs, ghostly wails, chainsaws, thunder cracks, nightmare screams, ghostly whispers, zombies, bats… this pack has it all! A true gem and a must-have for all Halloween productions!


Eerie by @Driving - my Tim Burton / Danny Elfmanesque cinematic tune that combines glockenspiel and orchestral elements to create eerie and intense feeling

Halloween by @OlexandrIgnatov - like the previous tune, very cinematic and intense soundtrack tune with strong atmosphere and very solid execution

Halloween by @SoundTree - intense and scary cinematic rendering. Pompous, powerful and dark at the same time

Scary by @gballx - well executed cinematic build up with really dark and eerie atmosphere.

Cistern Horror Ambience by @diogo_pereira - simple and intense background drone sound effect that creates sense of eerie cave / cistern. Perfect for creating that scary background ambience.