Sales Leads Plus website features and Review System.

Hello All Member,

I thought I am at right place to post this. I am looking to sell some sale leads I have and want a website for it with some plus features I have in mind. I didn’t got success to find a theme which match exactly what I want. I am looking for a website clean like . Plus Functions I am looking for are, :-

Looking for a platform where anyone can sell leads, Users both sellers and buyers should get paid online for leads. A sms and email should go to his email account or mobile for activating account dashboard, There after he/she can download the leads. I also want the review function so that user can review leads too with some custom types of ratings. Also in dashboard sellers should add affiliate martial, discounts and offers. I tried DC Marketplace plugin with woocommerce to make it a custom, But didn’t got the required look and feel.

If you can suggest something effective or is there any developer available to make this sales leads plus project successful for me ?

Thank You!!

You seems new here too and replying all threads with your contact details. Also there is not much information available about you. Can you tell me more about you before I shoot a emails to you ? This sales leads plus features website development plan is bit confidential, You being new here and not much information available about you letting me a bit difficult to share it with you ?

I like this idea. There looks no website like that which sell leads like that. According to me built a custom theme if you like to use WordPress and add the plus functionality you need using woo Commerce. Also I see Magento is more better option for creating such websites using cedcommerce paid modules. Let me know when you have I it done. I have some leads too. Hehe

Also what you think about the compitation? For selling leads and sales data it looks there is lots of compilation as many companies are in market?

Yes, There is not any which have multi vendor options to sell or buy leads. Yes, Woo commerce have ability to fulfill my needs. As of competition there is lots of competition. But idea looks good as there is not much which have this unique thing multi vendor. I don’t know, if I will fail or raise. Want to give it a try. Thanks for your supporting words.

Yes good luck my friend. Go for it. Dedication toward your projects t will always make you success.

Also give a look on the Magento tools too.

Yes, I will look on the Magneto options too.


Like Hashivalayan Said, Magento is a good fit for multi vendor stores. I found Magento quite useful as well as powerful platform with all the plus features I need. I am looking to built my Sales Leads website with Magento.I selected Ultimo theme because it look powerful and most sold product of themeforest

Thanks for your suggestions and Let me know, if anyone like to suggest more to make my selling leads project successful. Also In magento, I am looking to add a extension for knowledge base like DC marketplace have one in WordPress to teach peoples, How they can built lists and data, how they can add advertisements martial, coupons and other things. I don’t want this all in faqs or help page. There it will be normal instruction about how to use website. if any one can recommend any tool for it ?


if there is any theme like the ultimo in wordpress ? It looks magento is too much for us at start Any suggestions ?