Sales almost stopped from last 4-5 days

Anybody getting any sales? This month for me is the disastrous one in my 10 years here. No sales at all(won’t count 1-2 in 5 days)

Since cyber Monday started sales are better other than that 1-2 sales per day as you say is a disaster…

I guess the tech mess that is is now and all the layoffs affects the marketplace as well.

Since the super duper Cyber thing started, is toooootally D.E.A.D.
And I’m talking about approx -350$ Sun-Wed compared to the past two weeks.

Now Thanksgiving + true Black Friday + incoming xMas holidays…!
However I can walk with the Power Elite badge on my shirt now! :rofl:

Don’t say I didn’t warn you months ago guys… we saw it coming long ago.

Yes, everything is super DEAD. Didn’t expect this month to end like the way it is for me.

Is time to move on, I am not sure what I will do next but I am sure opportunities will appear!