SAAS LMS For Employees

I’m looking for a SAAS LMS (Learning Management System) for employees. All of the LMS products I see are strictly for school based needs with Teachers and Students.
I need something that access can be sold to managers/owners of a business and they can set up training documentation, videos, guides / how-to’s, etc. With the ability to charge subscriptions with either flat monthly/yearly fee or option to charge per user.

Is there anything out there that would work for me?

Basically you can not use items purchased here on Envato as an on-demand products/services. See licences e.g. here (Themeforest) or here (Codecanyon).

But if you see it in another way, there might be a solution that fits for you.

I can suggest a specific scenario. This is the method I use.

Other methods could also do but it would take time to fine tune.

The method mentioned below uses standard theme and plugin options and no custom coding is applied.

The basic idea is that your “managers/owners” are actually “instructors” (teachers).
“Training documentation, videos, guides / how-to’s, etc” are actually “courses”
(You can adjust those words if needed.)

  • I use theme Education WordPress Theme | Eduma
  • You can let users register and let them become instructors - instructors are able to set up and sell courses
    note: frontend editor is a paid add-on,
    though a lot of free add-ons are included if you purchase the theme
  • You can set up a commission rate for each course
  • Membership plugin is integrated (and comes with the theme)
    you could also set up an instructor membership level (or even more instructor levels) and other membership levels
    Paid Membership Pro - which is a free plugin (paid add ons available)
  • you can restrict courses to membership levels needed
  • with Approval Process for Membership add on (paid, not free) of this membership plugin you can grant membership site administrators the ability to approve or deny members
  • with this membership plugin you can do even more - e.g. hide parts of the website to become only available to members

I created and I am using a custom membership levels page because I wanted to have a list of membership levels instead of being shown as a table.

You could even create pages where “managers/owners”(instructors) can show content only available for their members, etc…

I hope it helps :slight_smile: