RevSlider HTML5 video loop

Hi! I have an HTML5 video slider​ on the front page of my website.

The site is:

First of all, when I upgrade the entire thing dies, so I am running 5.2.6 until Wordpress catches up.
This issue I am facing is about the way the slider loops.
The slider should run for around 26 seconds, starting with ‘FREE GAP YEAR’ sliding in, and end with a gold/yellow box sliding over 2 African girls laughing. At which point the video should loop back to the beginning quickly and seamlessly.
The issues I am facing are:

  • The slider seems to loop back to the beginning at random times.
  • Randomly when the slider does make it to the end it will either take a long time to loop (3 seconds) or loop immediately, but after a second or so start again.

In general the slider is really inconsistent and I have no idea the reason!
Any help making this a smooth and consistent slider would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Andrew Sherrington.