Revolution Slider stops after second slide

Hey everyone,

I don’t have much experience with forums, and I’ve already searched after the topic here and on google, but didn’t found anything that helped, so i thought i ask by myself.
Since I buyed the converio theme for my website, I’m using the revolution slider plugin which was integradet in the theme.
Until now, every slider worked perfect, except the new one.
The slider got three slides, but on frontend it shows only two of them and skips the last one.
It doesn’t matter which slide is on which position, slide three is bypassed. Even If I add one more, it shows only two
It’s strange that every other slider works perfect
I also cheked up the slider settings, but everything looked normal
Unfourtunaly I can’t say since when the problem started

Plugin, Theme und Wordpress are on latest version

kind regards from Goslar A.Gerlach
TBCS IT Systemhaus

Hello Sir,
I can help you. Please contact me if you still need any help.
Skype: jakaria.khan015