Revolution SLider


Can anyone tell me how to make my Slider keep on a continuos loop please?


In the slider settings (per slider you create) you have the name and size etc on the left and on the right is a grey panel at the bottom of which says “Stop Slider” - turn this off.


Hi Charlie - On the Revolution Slider I have already checked the Stop Slider button into the Off postion. I am looking for the Slider to loop nice and smoothly. It just doesn’t seem to do this?
My site is


You mean loop e.g. keep revolving OR do you mean the transitions between the slides?


Hi There - I mean, to keep the Slider looping continuously so that there are no breaks.


Hi, assuming you have that stop slide turned off (and that there is nothing in the the “stop at slide” box below it) then I can only suggest emailing the author of the theme and asking them. I tested it on one of our sites just now and that’s definitely what controls it. Good luck


I am also unable to transition and show all slides. Have 3 slides currently in one slider file.


I am looking to do a continuous slider of logos, so there is no pause on each slide, just a slow constant scroll across.

I thought I could make the slide duration zero and the animation 5000ms, to slow it down, and just continually scroll but my result with Duration 0 and Animation 5000ms is this jerky scroll.

I’m sure I’m just missing a setting somewhere.