Revolution Slider Multisite license

I own a wordpress site setup as a multisite. It appears that is I have ten sub-domains that I must by ten licenses? This just seems unfair. I personally own all the subdomains so it is not like I am reselling them. Is there a network license? I have already had to purchase the same upgrade three times. Not happy…

The license is for only one domain so you need to purchase another one for the subdomains but seems you’re using network feature, if you use the feature instead of, I believe you could use one license - still not sure because of the WordPress network feature is something else.

Better to contact support for this issue

Well. Thank you for the confirmation. With more that 18 sub-domain on three sites I will not be using the slider but more that three times.

Could you recommend a similar slider that will not charge me for each subdomain?

Thank you.

S Valencia

As you have stated, you have already purchased the slider three times. Here’s my suggestion. Contact the author and ask them and explain the situation. Ask them if they could offer refund for the the two license instead of purchasing the extended license so you don’t have to purchase one or another license and you could use it on your network site

have Similar issue, and its very heart-breaking if you have to start buying everytime…

Very unfair, why don’t they offer a multisite license like Elementor for instance (1000 sites for 199 dollars)? Buying a license every time for a new domain makes it really expensive for developers. :frowning: