Revolution Slider Licences

I have bought a licence on 12 of January for Revolution Slider. I have reinstalled the wordpress, also the revolution slider again. Now the Revolution Slider application is blocked - i received the message that the slider is already registered. The funny things is i cannot find the page where i downloaded the Slider so i cannot generate an API code to activate the licence. Could somebody help me? i have already lost a lot of time last night trying to figure out what i have to do.

Hi @CorneliaUreche

hi aleksey,
I know very well what i have to do. I got the licence. But in this moment i do not find the aquisition on my account. meaning i cannot generate another API. i have the licence and i cannot use it. How you suggest to resolve this issue. Also your support team does not identify my purchase so i cannot rise a ticket for my problem.
it is funny to work with this support

Hi @CorneliaUreche

Have you tried to reach out to Slider Revolution author @themepunch for support?

Check your mail, you must have invoices. Which shows the Account name.
Knowing your nickname, you can restore the Account and access the download

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i have enter @themepunch for support but there is not way to contact them. Can you please help? i cannot figure out how this page is functioning

Support Center Slider Revolution

come on . this site is a joke. i need a chat. i cannot find my issue in the predefine questions and anser they are providing. I have to identify the purchase because the purchase is not in my account

i have checked also the email. i do not have any email. i am getting creazy, really. there is any other possibility? also tryed to find out should i loggin with other names. but the application does not send any remember password for accounts (sent already 3 now):))). Also, usually i use only one email adress as i do not have other yet…but who knows…maybe…could be an old one

Hi @CorneliaUreche

Help Envato

thank you a lot Aleksey. I found the email address. great help thank you

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one more help. i cannot recuperate the password. i have sent two or three request until now in the platform but no email received. could you please take a look also for this issue?
thank you very much for your support,

hi Aleksey,
I am trying to reset the password> The envato market is not sending me any email for more than 3h. Come on. please help

Hello. Please open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center